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After the buzz of January and New Year’s resolutions subsides, February enters – the shortest month of the year.  But a month filled with holidays, activities, and hopefully snow!  As a classroom teacher, one of the most anticipated days of the year is the 100th day of school.  Teaching 2nd grade is super exciting as the kids are old enough to understand the importance of it and also mature enough to handle fun activities that we can do together.  I have highlighted 100 (ok not really 100, but A LOT of creative, engaging, and inspiring 100day of school activities! 

Enjoy these as a teacher or as a parent and help celebrate the fun of the 100th day!

If I had 100 of something …

I would eat 100 …

If I had 100 dollars …

Make a list of 100 things in your house

Make a list of 100 things in your classroom

Make a list of 100 people you know

Make a list of 100 words

100 reasons to smile

100 day crown

100 day necklace made from fruit loops

100 day sunglasses

100 day belt

Make your own 100 day of school shirt

100 day word search

100 day mystery puzzle

100 day rainbows from skittles

100 sit ups

100 push ups

100 jumping jacks

100 day certificate of completion

100 year old picture (tons of picture apps)

100 days smarter bulletin board

100 day stations and centers

100 day book creation



Have a cool 100 day project you’ve seen?  We’d love to hear from you!