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Executive Functioning & Organizational Skills

Executive Functioning is best understood as the skills we use every day to learn, work, and manage daily life. We believe that each child has the internal skill set needed for success; it is our job at Teacher Time To Go to uncover the specific strategies to help them thrive!

Our first step of support is conducting the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning. After extensive data is populated we will determine the individualized needs of each student and develop a personalized plan. Whether it be our Student Workshop or Individualized Coaching, we are with you every step of the way.

The Brief

Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning

We administer an assessment for each student to determine next steps in the academic process.  Our 3 part plan starts with a 30 minute family consultation followed by a 45 minute student assessment and concluding with a 30 minute results meeting highlighting goals and next steps.

Step 1

Family Consultation


Step 2

Student Assessment

Step 3

Results Meeting

Identifies Executive Functioning challenges (8 areas).
Provides immediate intervention recommendations.
Full report and summary sheet distributed.

An Overview of Executive Functions


The ability to figure out how to accomplish goals.



Arranging tasks in their order of importance and working through them logically to accomplish a goal.

Goal Setting

Identifying the desired outcomes and developing a plan for achieving them.


The ability to develop and maintain a system that keeps materials and plans orderly.


Time Management

Having an accurate understanding of how long it will take to effectively accomplish tasks.


Task Initiation

The ability to independently start tasks when needed.

Working Memory

The mental processes that allow us to hold information in our minds while working with it.


How to temper your emotions and act appropriately when tough situations arise.

Workshops & Events

Executive Functioning parent Workshop
Executive Functioning parent Workshop

Hear from our owner about our
Executive Functioning Student Workshop

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