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We’ve all heard it before…New Year, New Me.  It seems to be the reoccurring slogan I say (or mentally think) with each coming year.  I mean, the new year does bring about a fresh start. A time to recreate your-self, your vision, your goals.  But it also can come with disappointment.  Disappointment that stems from 2 weeks after your grand new year goals are once again, not achieved.  So, I have done some serious thinking and have compiled 5 New Year goals for you and your family that can be attainable and make you feel like the rockstar you are.

  • Family Reading Time! Yes, everyone’s schedules are packed. From sports practice, to religious school classes, and it often feels like there is not enough time in the day.  Well – make some.  15 minutes a night to spend time with family and read together.  This will give you the chance to accomplish your “read more” resolution.  Show rather than tell your kids to read, and give you that family bonding time you will cherish.
  • Social Media Detox (well…during working hours)! First, before you go begin this challenge, evaluate the connections you have on facebook, Instagram, etc and understand how these “relationships” are impacting your life.  Are they encouraging you to be the best version of yourself?  Or are they increasing anxiety and competition?  Start with a fresh slate and remove those ones that do not serve you.  Allow yourself a time amount to peruse the media.  Maybe 8PM when the dinner is done and the kids are asleep?  Try to refrain from first thing in the morning and mindless scrolling in bed. working hours should be working.  I am not here to say to cut out social media altogether, because let’s be real, that’s impossible.  But baby steps can increase productivity and make you more present for the year ahead.
  • Go Marie Kondo – yes that’s right. Declutter. Make it a family event. Spend time with yours kids and go through their closets, playroom, and school bags.  If you do this in January, and set a goal to “maintain” over the year, you will immediately feel organized.  Your kids will be able to find their toys and you may actually enjoy getting dressed for that day.  Keep what serves you and brings you joy.  *Bonus – find a charity or local location that you can donate your materials too. 
  • Try New Things – If your resolution is to “try new things” do this trying new foods or new workout classes. Bring your kids to the gym, take a family cooking class where you learn healthy ideas together, or even take a Sunday afternoon to meal prep together. When everyone feels involved in the process, you are more motivated to succeed.  
  • Develop a Routine –  Now this can take so many different forms, but the hope is that it helps structure and organize you.  Maybe you want to start with a morning routine where you create a checklist.  Maybe night time organization is where you do your best work.  Pick a time of day, and create consistency. As a classroom teacher, January is time to review expectations and put new plans in place.  Working with your kids to develop a system of what works for them will do wonders for your family organization. It takes 21 days to keep a habit. Check in with me January 21st.

Ok, here are the 5!  Now you’re probably thinking – I can’t wait to get started and tackle all of these and have the best 2020 yet.  But wait, here’s the catch…PICK ONE!  Yes, that’s right. ONE!  January I challenge you to choose one from this list and begin to create the best version of your life.  Good luck!