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I have never and probably will never be a morning person. When I was in high school, I was a stereotypical teenager from the movies – I fought my parents almost every day to get out of bed. It got easier for me when I started college and had a later wake up time. Then, last year I got a job that required me to wake up at 5:30 a.m. If I was going to thrive, I knew I had to make some changes so my mornings were bearable. 

Here are 5 habits that have helped me to start my day off on a positive note.   

1. Build a morning routine

Our bodies thrive on routine. Routines help us reduce stress, sleep better, and increase emotional well-being and energy. A lot of advice out there encourages you to wake up earlier or make your bed every day. My advice is to create a routine that works best for you so you stick to it. Try to tidy your space or do a household chore so you can accomplish 1 thing for the day. Steer clear from your least favorite chore–for example, don’t force yourself to do laundry first thing if you hate laundry. Your morning mood and mindset can be the difference between a good day and tough one, so make it the best you can! 

2. Drink water

Research has shown that the answer to our morning tiredness is not drinking coffee but rather, drinking cold water on an empty stomach. This trick helps boost metabolism and increases brain function. So, before you turn on the coffee pot, crack the ice cube tray and turn on the tap! 

3. Practice gratitude

Living life in gratitude helps us to notice the tiny miracles happening all around us– like the sun shining through our window each morning or the money that we have to fill up our gas tank. Taking a moment to recognize and write down these blessings can focus our attention toward other positive things that occur throughout the day. Read my “Practicing Gratitude Year Round” blog post for more ideas. 

4. Complete an act of self-care

Self-care is all about what works best for the individual. I, for example, feel the best after taking a warm shower and singing my favorite music on the way to work. For you, it could mean putting on makeup or watching an uplifting video. More tips can be found here for “How to Practice Self-care”

5. Fuel your body

I’m sure you have all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and while there is no conclusive evidence of that, it conveys an important message. By fueling our bodies with proper nutrients, whether that be vitamins, foods, drinks, or exercise, we prepare our bodies for the day ahead.

I hope you found this blog helpful! I’d love to hear what you do to start your day with a positive focus. Share your thoughts below! 

Every day is a learning opportunity! 

~ Bella