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There is one benefit to turning the clocks back, MORE TIME TO WATCH MOVIES!! We asked some of our leadership team about their favorite holiday films and here’s the list that we came up with. 

  1. Full Court Miracle

This Hanukkah staple is perfect for your next movie night. The story follows Alex (played by Alex Linz) who is the leader of a young Jewish basketball team. They recruit a washed-up college basketball star to be their coach. To see where this adventure leads the team, watch the movie on Disney+. 

  1. Elf 

The movie tells the story of Buddy the Elf and his journey to his family in New York City. Learn all about the Christmas spirit by watching this movie on Amazon Prime. 

  1. Home Alone

The McCallisters’ mistakenly leave for Christmas vacation without their youngest son, Kevin. Kevin thinks the empty house is an answer to all of his prayers until two intruders enter. Will the McCallisters get home in time to help? You can watch on Disney+ to find out. 

  1. Eight Crazy Nights 

If you have older kids, this one is perfect for your family film night. The story follows Davey (voice by Adam Sandler) who is given a final chance to redeem himself. He must referee for the youth basketball league to keep him out of jail. To see where this adventure leads him, watch the movie on Paramount+ or Hulu. 

  1. Elena of Avalor – Festival of Lights

Princess Rebeca’s ship faces rough seas and ends up on the shores of kingdom of Avalor, Princess Elena is there to greet her. When Rebeca explains that she’s on her way home to celebrate Hanukkah, Elena sets out to make the holiday special for everyone. Learn more about the origin of Hanukkah and the meaning of the menorah by watching this episode on Disney+. 

  1. The Grinch

Benedict Cumberbatch voices the Grinch in the animated remake of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The story follows the Grinch on his journey to ruin Christmas for the residents of Whoville. Will Cindy Lou Who be the one to stop the Grinch’s plan, and maybe give him some Christmas cheer? You can watch on Hulu to find out.