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When I think of Valentine’s Day, the first word that comes to mind is LOVE.  Even from a young age, I remember so many different things about Valentine’s Day and what made it so special.  From the class holiday parties, to writing notes and making mailboxes for my valentine’s cards, to notes from my parents in my lunchbox to special desserts at home, it was such a magical day.

Lets keep the tradition alive!  I am going to walk you through a special Valentine’s Day and how in the lens of a child, it could be something they will remember forever.  Do not feel like you have to do every single one of these ideas, but a few would start some traditions and be super memorable.  

Wake Up

Have a special valentine’s day card next to their bed with some candy hearts in it.  Yes, candy in the morning isn’t the most nutritious, but a few pieces once a year isn’t going to set any bad habits.

If your child is young enough to still enjoy you reading to them, read a Valentine’s Day story. Here are some ideas.


Anything heart shaped and red is super special. Anything spelled out in “XOXO” or “I Love You” will get the job done too, and is social media worthy : ) 

During School

Add some special notes or snacks in their lunch box, back pack, or folders.  Anything that they check throughout the day.  Bonus points if you can hide them so they see them at different points when they are at school!

After School

Plan a scavenger hunt.  I do this every year with my husband and hide 10 different clues around the house.  It always ends with a gift card to his favorite restaurant (whatever it is that year) and we go on a date night. You can modify this to be kid friendly! 


Make a dinner together.  Have 3 different cards written out with meal suggestions and ingredients and let them participate in a cooking class with you.  Think: kid friendly.  Heart shaped pasta, heart shaped grilled cheese, etc.  When they feel like they are part of the process, they will enjoy it even more!

After Dinner 

Game night or movie marathon?  These are easy ideas to keep the fun alive to close out the night.  Or, if the kids aren’t sugar loaded yet, heart shaped rice krispy treats are always an easy (and semi-healthy) snack.

Hope some of these ideas gave you inspiration to share the love of the holiday with your children!

Do you have favorite Valentine’s Day memories?  We’d love to hear about it!