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April Fools Day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  From a young age, I remember always trying to fool my parents.  I realized that when I did it first thing in the morning it caught them off guard, however, as the years progressed, they caught on to my antics and I had to find creative ways to do it during the day.  From telling my dad that I got our ez-pass account revoked, to calling my mom and explaining that I was moving home, I’ve covered it all!  

Now, I’d like to pass along the wisdom (and fun) so you can create some fun pranks that your kids will remember!

An April Snow Storm!

There is nothing more fun than a snow day (for the kids) and seeing their excitement of running to the window is priceless.  So this is some good quality humor but go into their room and wake them and tell them, school is cancelled, there is a snow storm!  When they run to the window, they will surely see it’s not and you can exclaim, “April Fools!”

Brown-E Fake Out

Tell the kids when they get home from school that you made brownies!  Cover the dish with aluminum foil and write on a piece of paper a BROWN “e!”  They will laugh!  But then make sure you have a good treat for them as a back up!

Undrinkable Juice!

This takes a little planning, but make jello in the color of whatever favorite juice your kids have in the morning.  Overnight, the jello will harden. Put a straw in it and in the morning take the “juice” out of the fridge.  The kids will try so hard to drink it and the look on their face will be priceless!

Vegetable Lolli-Pops!

In your child’s lunch, take brussel sprouts (which are round) and remove the candy part of the lollipop and replace with a brussel sprout.  Re-wrap the lollipop with the paper wrapper.  Send a few in for the kids and it will be the hit of the lunch room!

Shaving Cream Slap!

If you don’t mind a little clean up, while your child is sleeping (or right before they wake up in the morning) put some shaving cream on their hand and then tickle their face with a feather.  They will then have to use their hand to itch, and HA HA HA it will go all over their face!

Have a great prank that has worked!?!  We’d LOVE to hear from you!