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Everyone knows that when looking for great literature, they should head over to their local library. From picture books that spark creativity to informational texts that satisfy curiosity, the library is a gateway to a lifelong love of learning. There are so many topics and interests. It’s a wonderful playground for the imagination and there is certainly something for everyone! 

On a recent trip with my children, I had a few moments to wander around while they were making their book selections. On some shelves in the corner I came upon some amazing hands-on learning kits that were available on loan! When we went to check out, an unassuming sign on the corner of the desk offered more items. I decided to dig a little deeper and research several local libraries. I was delighted to find the below amazing non-book offerings on loan!

Games – Math games, learning games and board games just for fun (don’t tell them they are strengthening math skills, strategizing and developing coping skills), you can rent games for all ages! This is also a great way to try-before-you-buy and find some new family favorites. There are also learning toys and puzzles available. 

Science – Hands on learning provides a myriad of benefits! You’ll find a wide variety of kits to explore and experiment with. Check out the kits and some awesome supplies I found in them:

– STEM: electric circuits, magnets

– Nature: compass, magnifying glass, microscope; learn about animals, rocks and minerals, or butterflies

– Weather: wind vane, rain gauge, thermometer

– Technology: coding, robotics

– Building & Construction: various blocks and kid appropriate tools

Language kits include items such as flash cards, interactive tablets, and kits to learn braille.

Baking and cooking kits include kid-sized kitchen tools and a fun variety of specialty cake pans.

Craft kits instruct you on the basics of knitting, crochet, or jewelry making. They even include the basic tools you’d need to make a beginner project.

Fitness kits for all skill-levels and exercise niches not only offer DVDs, but also equipment like jump ropes, resistance bands, a sculpting ball, or even a heart rate monitor!

Ready to explore, ask your librarian what your local branch has to offer, as well as what might be available through inter-office library loan. You can also check out their websites using search terms such as “special collections”, “special reads”, “kit”, or “interactive”. 

Beyond all the rows of books, libraries offer a treasure trove of benefits that can help your kiddos explore the world around them—for FREE! So, which kit are you going to try first?

Keep going, keep growing!