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Throughout Black History Month we shared the incredible stories of those who have fought for racial equality. There is still a long way to go but it is important to recognize what has been achieved. Here are a few, of the many people, who should be acknowledged and respected for their hard work, bravery and power. 

Ruby Bridges 

At age 6, Ruby Bridges advanced the civil rights movement in 1960 when she became one of the first African American students at McDonough Elementary School. Ruby dedicated her life to activism for racial equality with numerous organizations and continuous educational speeches. We honor her for her bravery and courage! 

Hank Aaron 

Hank Aaron is well known for playing 23 seasons of professional baseball. While these records show his outstanding baseball history, they don’t show the history that we honor him for. We honor Hank Aaron for his courage in facing rigid segregation, humiliation, and abuse while playing baseball. Aaron’s fight for civil rights reminds us how far we have come and demonstrates how far we still have to go.

Mary Lewis 

Mary Lewis shattered expectations for a black woman of her time. She was living in a “white man’s world” when she became an internationally known sculptor. She was faced with great challenge but continued to fight back without asking for pity. We honor Mary for being a woman ahead of her times where she fought for gender and racial equality through art. 

Gwendolyn Brooks 

Gwendolyn Brooks, poet, author, and teacher, inspired her generation with poetry displays of civil rights activism. She made a commitment very early in her career to break the gap between education and black writers. Her pieces continue to encourage change in society.  

We hope you were inspired by these notable figures in history. Their courage and strength are to be admired, discussed and emulated. We are eager to share the stories of other amazing black people and celebrate their qualities and achievements. If you have someone in mind to honor, please let us know in the comments!

Wishing you well,

Sarah and Bella