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Happy July! After many months of being “stuck” inside, the weather is finally nice enough for outdoor activities and games! With this, July is the hottest month of the year and sometimes it’s too hot and sticky for a full day of running around. Below are 4 unique indoor activities for your kids to release some steam. Most of these require very minimal space and could be done right in your living room! These activities are a perfect way for everyone to get moving and will also result in some much needed laughter! Enjoy! 

  1. Create your own obstacle course 

Turn your living room into a Ninja Warrior course with just a little bit of creativity! Give each family member 10 minutes to set up some obstacles in a designated area. After set up, the designer gets to explain exactly how the course should be played and can be the timer for all participants! This activity will unleash creativity and critical thinking skills as your little ones will turn a small space into a web of challenges! Allow everyone the opportunity to create their own course and special rules.

  1. Follow the leader 

Although this may seem like a simple concept, following a designated “leader” can be a long lasting activity for everyone involved. Allow this game to take you all over your home and don’t be surprised if the leader never wants to stop! The leader can prompt participants with dance moves, silly faces, and more!

  1. Indoor Swimming Pool 

Warning: this can be a messy one, but is SO much fun! In this activity, your living room will become a fancy swim club. Collect any and all pillows and arrange them on the floor of your living room in the shape of a swimming pool. This is the first step in the activity, for your crew to create the pool of their dreams! Next, everyone must get in proper pool day attire – swimsuits, towels, goggles, etc. “Open” your family pool and dive in! Designate one participant as the lifeguard to look out for sharks and potential threats to the new addition to your home! The best part about swimming in your new pool is that sunscreen is optional! 

     4. Bring the Outdoors In 

Lastly, think of your favorite outdoor activity and bring it inside! Usually, just a small tweak will be required to adapt outdoor experiences for the indoors. For example, simulate a night under the stars with indoor forts and tents. The process of creating the forts will be just as fun as sleeping in them! S’mores is a fan favorite that can easily be brought inside. Toast your marshmallows on a gas stove or even microwave them for a few seconds! The best part about bringing the outdoors in is that there is very minimal mess and no mosquitos! 

Let your imagination run free with these fun indoor activities as the possibilities are endless!! 

Hope this helps!


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