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In honor of National Chocolate month, I wanted to share some family friendly, kid approved chocolate recipes that are not only delicious, but super simple, and visually appealing.  Who doesn’t love chocolate?  The best part of this is there are so many modifications you can use to make it work for your family.  Chocolate comes in many “flavors.”  If you are a dark chocolate lover, go for it.   If white chocolate is your jam – use that!  Its whatever works for your crew!

I’ve personally experimented with each of these creations and let me tell you, it does not take a professional baker to figure this out.  I will not talk measurements or steps in this post, but simply the ingredients necessary to make your delectable creation come to life.  Maybe choose one a week that you want to try together as a family.  Oh, and did I mention all of these are NO-BAKE!  Which means, you can enjoy it ASAP!

Chocolate Covered Bananas – with this no-bake recipe, you simply need bananas, some sort of dipping or melting chocolate, and toppings to make this even more delicious.  Personally, I love mixing the chocolate with peanut butter for this yummy treat.

Party Chex Mix – this “healthy”ish snack is super simple.  You need some sort of chex cereal, powdered sugar, butter, and peanut butter.  Pretty much melt everything together and you can enjoy this treat for the week!

Cake Pops – These are probably the most labor intensive of my list, but they are so SO good.  They are really just mini cake balls.  Choose your favorite cake mix (you do not need to actually use the boxed ingredients) and mix in your favorite icing.  Form into balls and refrigerate.  Then use your favorite melt able chocolate and add your favorite sprinkles!

Chocolate Parfait – Pudding, oreos, chocolate sprinkles and chips.  Enough said!

Chocolate Dipped Apples – this is a modification for caramel apples, a favorite fall treat.  I personally like these so SO much better.  They are the perfect snack for being healthy, but also wanting a little chocolate delight.  All you need is apples, dipping chocolate, and some décor!

Hope you enjoyed and are tempted to try out some of my favorites! 



Have a favorite chocolate recipe?  We’d love to hear about it!