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When you think about doing chores, the word “fun” doesn’t really come to mind. It’s definitely not anything I looked forward to as a kid. Maybe if I knew some of these awesome tricks to make chores fun, I would have gotten them done much quicker! Make sure you check out the bottom of the page for great age appropriate chores.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of everyday items and set a timer for five minutes. Then have the kids collect stray items throughout the house (and put them away of course). Whoever collects the most items on the list wins!

The Laundry Game

When I was younger, I used to have my little sister follow me around the house picking up whatever laundry fell behind me and she thought it was the best thing ever (she was four). When the laundry was done, she would help me sort by article of clothing and colors, and eventually help fold! I still don’t think she realizes she was helping me with chores, and it was great for Early Childhood Learning.

Help Make Dinner

Or breakfast, or cookies… Kids love helping in the kitchen. Depending on their age, you can have them mix ingredients, use math to measure, and read through the recipes/follow instructions.

Play Ping Pong

Ok, not exactly. Write out a bunch of chores on ping pong balls and place them in a basket. Everyone in the family closes their eyes and chooses ones! No trade-sies!

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The Chore Store

Every chore is worth a prize! Make chores worth different points based on how hard they are (bathroom chores get double). Your kids can use them on fun items once completed!

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See the awesome chart below with great chore ideas for all ages!

Age appropriate chores for kids

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