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The kids were so excited to see some big, white, fluffy, snowflakes falling from the sky today! It was perfect weather to cozy up with them and make this adorable critter-in-a-sweater craft. This project will give your students an opportunity to exercise fine motor skills, and practice concentration and perseverance while expressing their creativity!


White & colored paper

Pencil & markers


Glue stick or tape

Sketch it Out

Any simple animal shape can be used. Our crafters went with a winter theme and made a polar bear, penguin, and snowman. Using the entire sheet of white paper, sketch out a large head and oblong body. Add in paws or ears if appropriate. Add in the collar and hem of the sweater as shown. Trace the outline with a black marker.

Scissor Time

Cut out the critter along the black marker lines. Next, you’ll fold just the sweater portion of the body in half from top to bottom. Using scissors, cut several strips in the sweater from collar to hem. Use caution to not cut all the way through the edge. This creates the “warp” for the weave. 

Cut several thin strips of colored paper to use as you weave the sweater pattern.


Weaving takes a lot of concentration and fine motor skills. If your students get frustrated, encourage them through this process. Model the steps for them if they are a visual learner.  

Row 1: Starting at the top, use one of the colored strips to go over, then under the white “warp” strips on the body. Continue this all the way across.

Row 2: Start the opposite way and go under first, then over the white warp. Continue this all the way across.

Remaining rows: Repeat the pattern of “Row 1” and “Row 2” until the entire sweater is filled in. Gently move each paper strip up to fit snugly against the one above it. 

Fasten & Finish

Fold the edges of the colored paper around to the back. Trim if needed, then secure them on the back with tape or glue. If you are adding any additional items to your critter like flippers, paws or a hat, tape or glue it in place. To bring your critter to life, draw on a face and color in any other details you’d like. 

Take it Further

Challenge older students with these more complicated weaving patterns. Explore your house to find and identify other weaving patterns. 

Be sure to display your snuggly little buddy somewhere that everyone can enjoy it! Take time to admire and appreciate the hard work that went into this project. 

Sending warm and cozy wishes!