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I am old school. Always have been, and probably always will be. Yes, I have a website, and yes I blog. And people think I’m really techy…but to be honest – I get help with all of that. I prefer the old school way. I make my hand written notes, I do my writing with paper and pencil, and then I edit with a pen. I don’t keep a calendar on my phone, I prefer my agenda book. I make to do lists daily in my moleskin journal. While I do understand the world of technology (#1 because it is the age we live in and #2 because I have had to learn it to grow my business) I genuinely enjoy removing myself from technology.

This brings me to something that I sincerely enjoy doing each year. A vision board. Now, you’ve probably heard of a vision board or some variation of one, but it is as simple as a space that your future goals and ideas are stored in a visual way.

From a young age, I have had a vision board. It has morphed over the years and changed as I have grown and matured, but it has always been a place where I put my hopes and dreams. As a teacher, I do similar type projects with my students each year to help them reflect on the past and plan for the future. The benefits of a vision board are whatever you make of it.

Materials Needed

So the next snow day, or the next Saturday night without plans, (does that even happen?) grab your family and get creative. I am not giving a ton of direction for this, because it should be what you want it to be but here are some recommended supplies to get you started:
Cork board or poster board of some sort, push pins, magazines, stickers, washi tape, photos, crayons/markers/colored pencils, shaped scissors, and anything else to embellish. Oh, and there are vision board kits you can look into if AC Moore/Joann Fabric isn’t your style. But in my opinion, it’s more fun to be creative.

I hope that this vision board is a way to plan, reflect, and grow. And above all, spend time together away from our digital world.