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Everyone loves a good deal….but the Dollar Tree is quite frankly the best deals, quality, and selection of anything out there.

Here are some helpful hints that I’ve learned over the years! This was a tough one for me to put into writing because I don’t want to give away allll my secrets, but thought you, the readers, deserved to know!

  1. It can get BUSY if you go at the wrong time.  I typically avoid weekends (if I can) and holidays. I try to get their first thing when they open or about 30-45 minutes before they close. I find that I’m much more calm, cool, and collected when I have semi free reign of the store : )
  2.  If you have bulk orders, you can place through the website and then the store will email you when the shipment arrives and you show your receipt and load your car. (#sorryamazon).  I just got 200 chargers for our wedding and saved a ridiculous amount placing the order through Dollar Tree.
  3. Use large grocery store bags for your items.  They scan your items and place them right back into your bag.  The Dollar Tree plastic bags have never held up well for me so I use this hack as an alternative.

I could go on and on about all of the different sections in the Dollar Tree, but for the sake of this article, we will focus on the family/kid friendly deals you can score.

Party Supplies

From bags to bows to streamers and cards the party section is limitless.  I typically stock up on greeting cards for the year.  They are 2 for $1!  I get tissue paper in every color imaginable and gift bags to last me years.  I have a special section in my basement for all things party/gifts and find incredible satisfaction when I have options! 

The table clothes, paper plates/cups and utensil selection can make any party a hit.  Also, they have endless options for balloons that they blow right up for you.  If you are having a cocktail party, BBQ, birthday party, head here before spending hundreds anywhere else!

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School Supplies

As a teacher for years and years, this was my spot!  Now, as a business owner, it’s even more so my spot.  They have it all!  Now, I am very picky about my binders and have noticed they don’t have the binders with the front sleeve, so they are out for me, but everything else I’m into.  When I had my classroom, I typically used my first paycheck getting new borders for the walls, posters to laminate, and dry erase magnets to bedazzle my classroom.  Throughout the year, I stocked up on bins, bins, and more bins.  The color and size selection is INCREDIBLE and it adds major pops of color all around the room.  Of course you can get the crayons, markers, glue sticks, etc., but definitely remember the mini dry erase boards, table caddy’s that all your colleagues will certainly ask, “where is that from!?”  Teachers, parents, kids, Dollar Tree is the place to be!


The kids aisle in here parallels to ToysRUs (remember that place?).  The mini car selection, puzzles, coloring books, and outside toys can make your childhood dreams come true.  For the summer, they have an amazing selection of beach toys, bubbles, chalk, and gardening toys.  This would be a great time to get the kids involved in nature and wildlife with the assorted kits.  Also, you can use this as a reward for reading or any chores.  5 dollars can go a LONG way here 

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Have a dollar tree store or items you love?  We’d love to hear from you!