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Earth Day falls on April 22nd every year.  Here at TT2G we are excited to share some kids crafts, book recommendations, and hands on outdoor activities to help make our Earth a better place! 

Fun Crafts

  • Coffee Filter Craft – this coffee filter earth day craft is one of our favorites!  Very minimal supplies are needed and the kids love seeing the transformation!  Grab some coffee filters, food coloring, and water and you’re set!
  • Sorting Activity – this compost and recycling activity teaches kids the value of recycling!
  • Puffy Paint Craft – we all love this puffy paint Earth Day craft.  The materials needed are paint and plates (or any harder surface material).  These can be a keepsake and admired for years to come! 

Fun Books

We love reading about Earth Day!  Here are some of our favorite books.  If you google each, you can watch it on youtube if you are short on time and can’t order the hard copy book!

“Beautiful, bright spreads take readers from farm and field, to sandy beach and city street, demonstrating Earth’s vast and varied terrain”

“This book shows kids the importance of recycling things we used to throw away, such as bottles, paper, and plastic.”

“A fun and inspiring practical guide on how young people can make a real difference.” 

Fun Outside Activities

  • Plant a flower bed (or a flower) – April is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature.  The weather is seasonable and your flowers will bloom as the warmer days approach.  You can head to your local Lowes or gardening center to get a beautiful flower display and teach your kids the value of watering and sunlight!
  • Clean up the community – if you check your local community Facebook page and search clean up or community service, there will without a doubt be a list of some great ways to get involved!  If you can’t find any, head to a local park with some gloves and a trash bag and teach your children how to make a difference! 

We hope this gets you and your family in the spring spirit : )   

Fill us in on your favorite Earth Day traditions and recommendations!  We’d love to hear from you!