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Since becoming a parent, I have found so many fun ways to make little everyday tasks into learning opportunities for my kiddos! I have 3 under 4 years old, so the learning is in HIGH gear right now! 🙂 Although some of these tasks may be easier to turn into opportunities for younger brains, I have brainstormed many ways it can appeal to older kiddos too! 


This is the easiest one to turn into a learning opportunity for all ages. By all ages, I mean adults too because I learn something new about myself every time I cook with a toddler. For example, new ways I can work on my PATIENCE, SELF REGULATION, and generally slowing down to enjoy the moment. While it may be hard at times, I find it so fun to see their little brains grow! Some ways cooking can be a learning opportunity are following directions, patience, measurements, fine motor skills by measuring out ingredients, identification skills (identifying ingredients), along with quality time spent together! 

Money Skills! 

Whether you are online shopping, paying for a coffee, grabbing takeout, or paying a bill. It is never too young to teach about money. My toddlers are fascinated right now with cash money and coins. We have been learning one-to-one counting skills with loose change around the house. I will also sometimes let my daughter (almost 4) pay at the grocery store. She loves to use a “credit card” that has mom’s money on it, then to hold the receipt. These skills can lead to money management conversations with older children. A critical life skill for teenagers would be to manage a budget. Have them help with the monthly grocery budget or deduct the utility bills from a set amount (kids don’t need to know your exact bank balance). This is a huge skill that I wish my parents spent more time teaching me when I was younger. Making it a general and casual conversation rather than a secret that I needed to learn on my own when I moved out on my own! 

Cleaning/ Organizational Skills

Cleaning up around the house, or having “chores” is an incredibly useful life skill. My toddlers know that when we sing the silly “clean up” song, everything they played with in the room we are in needs to be put away where it belongs. In our house “everything has a home.” By setting this expectation my kiddos learn to take pride in their possessions and treat them with respect by putting them away. Kids can help put dishes away, mine LOVE to organize the silverware drawer matching like utensils. Don’t even get me started about the fight between my kids about who gets to vacuum or use the Swiffer. It may sound silly that my 2 and 3 year old like to clean. But they feel a sense of pride when it comes to helping me. Making an everyday mundane chore an activity we can all do together! Tackle a space in your home that needs some organization in order to put everyone’s critical thinking skills to the test! 

I’d love to hear how you include teaching opportunities in your everyday tasks! 

Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind.