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Fall is arguably the best time of the year.  With the leaves changing, the sweaters coming out, and some of the best holidays quickly approaching, it is a great time to slow down and unwind from the busy summer schedules, and appreciate family time and all that nature has in store.

Here at TT2G, we have come up with some family friendly activities to get you in the fall spirit.  Enjoy the cooler weather, the fall fashion, and the kids being back to school!


An organized picnic

Make a list with the family and divide and conquer.  Bring a favorite blanket, a cooler to store your favorite goodies, and maybe a portable speaker.  Head to a local park and enjoy some good old fashion fun!


Bake a pie

There are millions of pie recipes out there.  Personally, apple is my fall favorite.  Make it a learning experience for the kids to gather the supplies and work on the math measurement as you go!  (Bonus points if you can bring the pie to the picnic)


Carve a pumpkin

Growing up, my favorite activity was carving pumpkins with the neighborhood kids.  But now, there are SO many other ways to get involved with pumpkins.  Stickers, paint, markers, the options are endless. Also, there are some great carving tools on amazon if you want to go the old school traditional route : )


Do good together

The fall is a great time for random acts of kindness.  Teach your kids the value of making others smile.  Here is list of some of my favorite random acts of kindness.  Make it a challenge in your family to complete one a day : ) https://theeverygirl.com/random-acts-of-kindness/


Enjoy nature

The lists are endless of all of the beautiful areas you can visit living where we do.  Get outside and enjoy it. 


Family Game Night

What do you meme, Pictionary, kids scrabble.  Just to name a few!  Shut down your technology for the evening, break the family up into teams, and enjoy some friendly competition the old fashioned way.


Go on a Hike

Here is a great list with some beautiful scenes: https://philly.curbed.com/maps/best-hiking-trails-philadelphia-region


Harvest fall favorites

Now is the time to visit your local farmers markets and farms and to stock up on all of your fall desires.  Use these ingredients to make some fall pasta dishes.  Remember its always best to support local : )


Invite over friends

Host your neighbors, kids friends, or sports team over for a night outside.  If you have a fire pit, this is the PERFECT weather to do it!  Bundle up and enjoy the company of others.


Jump in the leaves

Rake the leaves for the kids and make it a family photo shoot.  There is nothing more fun than a leaf fight!


Kick back and relax

With the holidays approaching, this time can get busy.  Remember to take some time for you!~


Lay Under the Stars

As the days get shorter, there are benefits to it!  Get outside early, with sleeping bags, and after dinner gaze at the stars with the kids.


Make a fall treat

Head to Trader Joes. I’ll just leave that right here.


Night out

When I lived in the city, my favorite fall activity was going to Fairmount and sitting outside and watching Eastern State Penitentiary.  Think of what brings you joy during this time of the year, and do it!

Check back in November for the rest of these fun filled family fall festivities. 

Have an activity you enjoy?  We’d LOVE to hear from you!