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Tis the season of Family Traditions! Since this year looks a bit different than most, we have loved seeing the new traditions families have started. We asked around and gathered some great traditions, new and old!  We hope that they bring joy and new ideas for you and your families to share.

Holiday Traditions 2020 Edition:

“We make hot chocolate in travel mugs and drive around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music, on Christmas Eve, after dinner.”

“We have always purchased the wood ornaments from the craft store. We paint each one and have the date on the back and every year to decorate the tree with them every year.

It’s so special to look back at what my boys have painted every year.”

“My absolute favorite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve, because that’s when my kids & I bake Christmas cookies, sometimes we’ll do a Christmas craft, we wear our Christmas PJs (we get new ones every year), drink hot chocolate and then we drive around to look at Christmas lights” 

We’re doing a grinch day where we eat green food and watch and read the grinch! We have a bunch of other traditions but this is a new one we’re starting this year 

“On Chanukah, we always dedicated one night to having our cousins over, making latkes, playing dreidel, and singing Chanukah songs. It is one of my fondest memories.”

“On Christmas Eve, I host dinner with my immediate family. We make homemade pizza together, serve a hot chocolate board (think cheese board but with hot chocolate fixings!), open Xmas pajamas and book, and watch our favorite Xmas movie while playing Heads Up!”

“I have the kids open up their Christmas Pj’s and their Christmas ornaments for the year and then inside the box is a ticket to the Christmas Express. We decorate the car, blast Christmas music and look at Christmas lights.”

“One Chanukah family tradition we have is every year as a family, we discuss a charity that is special to us and as a family, we donate together. It’s special because we all feel involved and every year a new family member gets to decide where the money goes.”

“Every December we would ride the train to Philly to see the Wanamaker light show. It was my favorite.

“When we would decorate we would light a fire and listen to Christmas carols or watch our fav Christmas movies. When we were old enough we got to enjoy drinking prosecco while decorating.”

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