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It’s the time of year for giving, and the most important thing you can give is your time. Today is Family Volunteer Day, and while it is critical to do our part keeping everyone safe right now, there are still many volunteer options that we can do right from home!

Read To Isolated Seniors

StoriiTime lets parents set up a video call with their child and an isolated senior. Seniors can read children’s books to little ones, or kids can read to a senior. “This virtual interaction can improve a child’s listening, social and vocabulary skills and support seniors by bringing joy and a connection to an experienced older generation.”


Liberation Library

Liberation Library provides books to incarcerated children to encourage imagination, self-determinationand connection to outside worlds of their choosing. While volunteering in person is paused, they need homemade bookmarks! Check out the website for the address and bookmark instructions.


Adopt a Family

Many families are experiencing extreme hardships this holiday season, more than ever before. Adopt a family and help bring joy to their children on Christmas morning, or give them essentials that we take for granted each day.  There are many local options. Here are a few of our favorites.




Clean Out Your Closets 

Use this free time to declutter your space. Pull out all clothes, toys, games, books, etc. that you no longer use. If they’re in good shape, gather them together and donate them to organizations like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity or other humanitarian organizations.

Be A Pen Pal

Help Our Kids is a pen pal program with children in foster care to help remind them that they are loved and appreciated.


Create a Virtual Toy Drive

Spread joy this holiday season by creating a virtual toy drive fundraising page — a fun and easy way to raise funds for the purchase of toys for children at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).


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