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Gift ideas that you’re children can create at home!

I can’t believe it’s already time for Father’s Day. It’s time to start thinking about those AWESOME Father figures in our lives! I know I am not a dad, but here is a quarantine-friendly list of ideas that your children can do at home and maybe buy you some time to take a deep breath! 

  • All About Dad Paper Bag Book: This book is super cute (but definitely the most complicated of 3 options), I never knew you could build a flip book out of a paper bag! It also takes some time to put together, so your children will be entertained, once you help them with the assembly. All you need is a few household items to create this adorable book that will give Dad all the feels!
    • Materials: 
    • 3 white paper lunch bags
    • patterned scrapbook/colored paper
    • cardstock paper (optional)
    • white string
    • markers or crayons
    • photos
    • scissors
    • extra strength glue stick
      • 1. Begin by layering three paper bags together. Lay the first bag with the bottom flap facing up. Then layer the next bag with the bottom flap upside down and on the opposite end. Layer the third bag like you did the first.
      • 2. Use a paper bag as a template to cut out a rectangle from your patterned scrapbook/colored paper for a book cover. Place the cover at the bottom of the three paper bags.
      • 3. Fold your cover and three paper bags in half. Then open it up and place a hole punch on each end along the folded line.
      • 4. Cut a long piece of white string. Starting on the outside of the book, thread each end of the string down into one of the holes so they come out in the center of the open book. Next thread each string in the opposite hole so both ends come out along the outside seam of the book. Tie a knot, bow and double knot in the string along the seam of the book and cut off any excess string.
      • 5. Decorate your Paper Bag Book! 

Popsicles: Make these simple, but sweet popsicle cards for the Father figure in your life! Decorate these fun cards anyway you like, you can use markers or paints. They’re so easy that you can make a whole batch for Dad, Grandpa, Uncle…the fun never ends! 

  • Supplies: 
  • White cardstock / construction paper 
  • Watercolor paints / markers 
  • Popsicle sticks    
  • Scissors   
  • Glue stick 
    • Trace the outline of a popsicle and cut it out, decorate the popsicle anyway you’d like! Be creative!
    • Glue the popsicle stick to the back of the paper to make sure it looks like a real popsicle! 
    • Write your message on the back of your card and you’re done!
  • Handprint Key Chain: This idea is timeless and practical. You can use shrink paper to create a key chain of your child’s hand to decorate and give to Dad! They can make a bunch of little key chains or just one special one for the Father figure in their life. I always loved shrinky dinks as a kid, so I think it’s a great way to entertain the kids for 20 minutes! Also, it’s a practical gift because you can put the keychain on your keys to help tell them apart when you’re leaving the house! 
  • Materials 
    • Shrink Film
    • Sharpie or Permanent Markers or acrylic paint
    • Keychains or Keyrings
    • Scissors and Hole Punch
      • 1. Trace your child’s hand on the Shrink Film and decorate the hand with permanent markers.
      • 2. Once finished decorating, cut out hand and hole punch the bottom of it for the keychain to go in at the end. 
      • Pop in the oven and watch it shrink (best part)!
      • Take it out, let it cool and attach the keychain through the hole of your little hand creation! 

All that considered, you can always do what my family did and leave the man in your life alone for the day! Let him read a book, watch TV, go for a jog in peace and quiet. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Hopefully, you found these ideas useful!

Have a Father’s Day activity that brings joy?  We’d love to hear from you!

Keep Smiling,