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Ideas to set up for success : ) 

As the end of the school year is approaching, we have come up with some easy ideas on how to set up your child for success.  We created this list from a teacher and parent perspective and hope you find these useful!  We wanted to make these as “real” as possible and do-able.  If you even take one of these suggestions into consideration, then we will consider it a win!

  1. Have your child write a note to themselves

When I was a classroom teacher, one of my favorite activities to do with my students was to have them write a note to themselves that they would be able to open and read the night before the first day of school the next year.  Some of the things that I encouraged my class to write about were things they really enjoyed, things they did well, things they wanted to improve upon, and their favorite part of the school day.  This served as a motivating factor and got them excited to advance to the next grade.  You can certainly do this (or a modified version of this activity) at home and then give the letter to your child the night before their new grade!

2. Put a plan together for summer reading, writing, and math 

There is nothing harder then when you spring something on your child (when you know they aren’t going to be pleased with it).  So that is why setting realistic expectations early and often is key.  TOGETHER, come up with the expectations for summer learning as it relates to each subject area.  For reading, is there a set number of books you want your child to read?  Or an amount of time each day/week?  For writing, maybe provide a new journal to record their summer adventures?  A new math workbook or flash card practice?  Whatever you decide, do it together and be consistent! 

3. Organize all supplies and materials 

At the end of the school year, your child’s teacher will send home all of their materials, including desk supplies. Take some time with your child and before dumping everything, go over what is still in usable condition. Make a list of things they liked using and things that didn’t serve a purpose.  Once you have this list, you will be able to use it to shop for supplies for the new school year.  I know it seems that this is way too early to begin thinking about next year, but you will save yourself time, energy, and money. As a bonus, your shopping list is prepared while it’s fresh on your mind. 

4. Set up an end of year progress meeting with your child 

Just like you have conferences with your child’s teacher a few times a year, at the end of the year is a great time to discuss your child’s accomplishments and goals with them.  Every child (or mostly every child) enjoys individualized attention.  Set up a “conference” to go over a review of the school year.  Not only will your child be appreciative of the time spent, but you will have a better understanding of how you can best help and support!

5. Ask for teacher feedback

Now is a great time to simply send a quick email to your child’s teacher and thank them for all they do.  While you are at it, ask for some areas that they think would be beneficial for your child to work on over the summer.  Make sure you specify the 3 core subject areas and get their feedback.  Once you have a list of what they suggest, you can compare it to what you see at home, and put together a summer plan on how to avoid the summer slide!

We hope you found some of these ideas inspirational and helpful as the school year winds down and you get ready for the fun summer months ahead!

Have an idea on how to finish out the school year strong?  We’d LOVE to hear from you!