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Halloween is a hot topic this year.  Whether you’re parading down the sidewalk or spending time in a spooky themed backyard, there are plenty of Halloween crafts to make this year festive as ever!  Here are some family favorites.

Decorating Mini Pumpkins

Without using sharp knives, this craft is 100% kid safe and friendly.  Washable paints or cut out felt shapes to make your kids’ favorite animals are all you need for this fun activity.  How about a spooky spider?  Just add crinkled construction paper and some googly eyes! 


Pumpkin Apple Stamps

This one is really cool.  Simply cut an apple in half, dip in orange paint, and you have a pumpkin stamp!  Add some googly eyes and pipe cleaners to give your pumpkin a stem and silly face.


My Little Pumpkin Keepsake

This can make a really cute magnet or hanging keepsake.  A grown up or older child can hot glue gun the popsicle sticks together like the picture below.

Then all you need is some orange paint, a cute picture of your kiddo, a pipe cleaner and either a string or a magnet!  Voila!


Paper Bag Monster Puppets

This is a great rainy day activity and most of the materials are already right at home!  Turn a regular brown paper lunch bag into a scary or silly monster friend!  Use anything you have laying around… felt, paper, markers, paint.  Get creative and have some fun!  


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