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Let me first start out by saying there shouldn’t be just one week to appreciate teachers.  Teachers are EVERYTHING.  Teachers wear more hats than anyone.  They are the cheerleaders, the role models, the specialists, the mediators, the dream instillers, the entertainers, the decorators, the schedulers, the negotiators, the rule enforcers, the truth detectors, the eye openers, the event planners, the fund raisers, the counselors, the life coaches, and the list goes on and on and on.

The team at Teacher Time To Go is made up of experienced teachers who know how amazing, rewarding, and fulfilling the teaching life is.  We also understand how mentally taxing, exhausting and personally challenging the job is. So this week we honor you for your hard work, your dedication, and for inspiring and changing the lives of kids every.single.day.

Many parents are asking, “What are some things we can do to show appreciation for our teachers?”  We wanted to provide some ideas for you!  Please note, anything you do will be appreciated.  I have included no cost ideas and some that require purchase.  Just know, everything will be greatly cherished!

  • A Class picture!  Pop into class (or zoom if you’re still virtual) and arrange a class picture.  Get it developed, get a pretty frame, and have the kids sign a card.  This is a memorable keepsake and something that the teacher will love and treasure.  (just make sure to include the year because for veteran teachers, it will be helpful to remember the year!
  • Gift cards! Either as a class gift card or individual.  While many teachers enjoy coffee, and wawa, I would steer away from food/drink related gift cards (unless you know they like something specific).  Try something like Target, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble where they can purchase something to remember you from.  While the food/drink gift cards are very appreciated, once you use it, it’s gone : )
  • Anything customized!  Mugs, cups, glasses, stationary!  These are all awesome ideas!  Vistaprint is typically my go-to for personalized cards/notepads and they always have 25% off coupons! Etsy also has cute and creative items.  Link up with your fellow classroom parents and get some keepsakes that the teacher can use for years to come!
  • Plant/Flowers Seeds!  A very low-cost option is to purchase some seeds to grow either vegetables, herbs, or flowers.  For an extra special touch, you can include a pot or a vase with this so when they bloom, they have somewhere special to store this!

Teachers, you are rockstars and we appreciate you so much. Thank you for all you do, and for making this world a better place.

Are you a parent who has a go-to gift every year?  Are you a teacher who has a favorite gift you have received?  We’d love to hear about it!