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Now that the honeymoon phase of the new school year is probably coming to an end. I’m sure that getting your child to complete their homework easily is also coming to an end.. We’re here to help! 

Here are some ideas to help make Homework time a little easier- 

  1. Set Timers

Timers are a great tool for being productive. After attending school all day, the last thing our children want to do is more school work. However it is an important demonstration of retention for the skills they learned earlier in the day! You can set timers per small task (for the younger students) or you can set timers per subject (for older students). This gives students a set goal to reach toward. Knowing they are only working for 5, 10, 15 minutes at a time depending on their age. 

  1. SNACKS 

I remember coming home from school and immediately heading to the kitchen for a snack. My kids do it now too! So why not combine snack time with homework time! Younger students could use their snacks to help solve math problems! Or munch on something sweet and salty while getting their required silent reading time in. Don’t believe me that snacks can help? In an article published by UPMC in 2019 ,they share that “Research has consistently found that eating a nutritious, varied diet can improve concentration, enhance memory, prolong attention span, and improve thinking. Students who regularly eat nutrient-rich foods also display more efficient problem-solving skills, greater fact comprehension, and stronger mental recall.” You can read the full article by clicking here.

  1. Music 

Playing soft, upbeat music in the background of study time can also help make it more enjoyable! Or even having music breaks to sing along with a favorite song, can break up what can seem like a daunting task. 

  1. Set up the environment 

Making sure the environment is set up for success can also help. Moving away from distractions like the tv, or younger siblings (who may not be doing homework at the same time). Or even find a fun spot to do the work! In a comfy chair, on the porch, or in a pillow fort! Whatever helps to both cut distractions and make it fun. 

  1. Rewards

Give your child something to look forward to AFTER completing their homework. It doesn’t need to be a new toy or candy. It can be helping make dinner, or a dance party. Something that they will look forward to doing with you after their homework is complete. I also like to pair these rewards with “first/then” statements. For example, “First we are going to finish your reading homework, then we can play a board game!” 

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful! I’d love to hear what you do in order to help make homework time more fun! 

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