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With the winter months in full swing, now is one of our favorite times of the year.  We love the holiday season, but there is something special, magical, and peaceful about the cold next few months.  While it does get dark early, you can keep the days bright with something to look forward to!

Over here at TT2G, we are BIG chocolate fans.  White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, we are here for it.  We have created a list of the must have’s to create an epic hot chocolate bar.

Note – not in covid times, we are all for festive get-togethers, neighborhood parties, etc, so save this blog post for when you can get together with large groups and you can do a potluck chocolate bar.  But for now, families, this is for you : )

I have included links to some of my favorite décor and ingredients, but feel free to use whatever you have!

Setting Up An Easy Hot Cocoa Bar • Love From The Oven

Materials – To Make it Cozy

Ingredients – The Staples

  • Hot water or milk of your preference
    • SO many kinds of milk out there – but typically I stay with the skim (the chocolate overpowers it anyways ;))
  • Hot Chocolate Mix – Individual packets work well for portion control, but you can buy a large tub at Costco or Trader Joes and it doesn’t expire (for years)

Toppings – The Fun Stuff

Have fun with this, make it a night to look forward to, and always remember – EAT DESSERT FIRST : )

Have you done this before?  We’d love to see pictures of your creations!