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We’ve gotten requests over the years for party snack ideas and theme nights.  Sure, the cupcakes and cakes and cookie creations are amazing – but what better way to cool off in the summer then an ice-cream bar! 

We have compiled some of our favorite combos, treat ideas, and ice-cream flavors and will show you how to create a top of the line ice-cream bar to make the kids smile, impress the guests, and leave you filling full and satisfied for the days to come!

Here are some ideas of how to make an ice-cream bar of your dreams!

  1. Start with a theme

So – this is debatable.  Some people LOVE a good theme and a reason to be creative and crafty, others want to just jump right into the good stuff.  Whatever your idea is, go for it.  There are no wrong answers when it comes to ice-cream.  Here are some of our favorite ideas to get you started:

2. Toppings

Ok, so the options are ENDLESS.  Literally.  If you’re into chocolate, I don’t even have to go through the options.  Are you more into the chewy gummy’s?   My favorite are gummy bears.  Note: You don’t want to go too sweet with sour patch kids because then it changes the flavor of the ice-cream.  Clearly, I’ve had some practice.  Also, DO NOT forget the sauces.  PB sauce, caramel, and I’ve even gotten into Nutella recently, so get creative and remember not to yuck anyone’s yum.  Oh, forgot to mention – if you’re making this a healthy(ish) bar, fruits are always a good choice.  So even if you’re trying to keep up with that summer bod, you can still indulge with some delicious treats.

3. Flavors

Ice-cream, yogurt, or even water ice ALL make for great combinations.  Whatever you’re feeling, go for it.  Personally, I’ve never done the water ice route before, but based on the mint ice flavor at Rita’s I can tell I’d be a fan.  Typically, I go for vanilla so I can taste all of the goodies I include, but really its personally preference.  Trader joes sells TONS of really unique flavors for a great price.  Also, if you remember Friendly’s (#datingmyself) they still sell that in pints/cartons at target and local grocery stores.  Ice-cream is ice-cream and you can’t go wrong!

4. Serving

One of my favorite parts of the process is deciding how I want to eat the ice cream!  Some ideas are the standard bowl/cone, but recently I’ve seen waffles, pancakes, funnel cakes, etc. If you want to be healthier, try eating it from an apple or bananas?  There are tons of flavors that go well with that!

Here’s a step by step list of how to get this party started and it’s pretty simple.  Go through steps 1-4 and ENJOY!!! 

Have some favorite ideas?  We’d love to hear from you!  Enjoy the sweet summertime and post your pictures below!