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When I think of summer, one of the images that always plays in my mind is local lemonade stands.  Driving by and walking by, I always stop to support!  I have seen so many of these over the years and cannot wait to have kids of my own to help them do this!  Today, we are going to highlight some ways to help make this a fun activity for the kids, the lessons they can learn doing this and some great charities you can donate to!

  1. Establish the why!

Talk to your kids about why they want to do this. This is a great time to really talk about the value of money and saving.  My grandfather always taught me, “while it is nice to receive, it is even better to give back!”  This has stuck with him.  Decide together that a really nice thing to do would be to donate some of the money to a charity that they would like to support.  You can come up with a fair split (usually 50/50).  Then come up with a list of charities that they want to support.

  1. Set up the location

Finding a perfect (and most importantly safe) location is the key!  You want to be in a family/friendly environment, but in a safe area away from major traffic.  I always suggest a neighborhood that you can be easily seen and visible.  Make sure as the parent that you are scouting out the scene first.  Make sure that you (or another adult) can see them at all times.

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  1. Materials 

Have your kids brainstorm a list of what exactly is needed for this.  Do you have the supplies?  Where do you get them?  How much will this all cost for start up?  Once you have an idea of this, they can put a plan together from there.  Make sure that you explain to them the difference of start up costs vs profit.  (or you can just let them have fun!)

4. Set up Process

Get your friends and neighbors excited about this.  Come prepared with all of the necessary supplies needed.  Extra cups and napkins are crucial.  Ice (especially on those hot days) and proper signage are just some ideas to name a few.

Oh, here is a great book if interested in taking this a step further! 

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Teaching Points

There is SO much that can be learned with values including charity and donations as well as academic learning!  Here are some academics that are incorporated into this fun summer activity! 

  • Math – counting and adding up profits
  • Writing – making lists of the supplies and materials needed and hopefully creating a letter to the charity of your choice
  • Art – making the signs/posters
  • Reading – recipe creation and step by step instructions!

Overall have so much fun, learn something new, and donate to a good cause!  I call this a win-win across the board!

Have you ever been part of a lemonade stand?!  We’d love to hear about it!