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Winter Break is approaching! A time to relax, unwind and spend time with family. If you’re not careful, it can be easy to sit around and do nothing and then wonder where all the time went! We encourage making the most of the time with a wide variety of activities. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of Winter Break! 

1. Sit by the Fire 

Whether you use the inside fireplace or a fire pit outside, get cozy with a fire! If inside, you could play board games, work on a puzzle or create a craft with the family. If you head outdoors, why not make s’mores for a fun treat! 

2. Get Active 

Try some winter sports like tubing or sledding. If you’re more daring maybe give snowboarding or skiing a go. No snow? Head to an ice rink for some ice skating! 

3. Make a Winter Sensory Bin 

Fill a bin with cotton balls, blue sparkly pom poms and small toy arctic animals. Kids can free play with the bin or work on their fine motor skills. Supply them with child safe tweezers so they can pull out items using the tweezers. You can prompt them with words like, “Can you separate (sort) all the cotton balls from the pom poms? Use your tweezers to pick them up and make two piles!” 

4. Help Someone Else

Take advantage of the extra time and help others by donating items to a food bank or warm clothes to a shelter. This is a great chance to practice gratitude for what you have and ensure that others get what they need as well. 

5. Visit Family and Friends

Many will have holiday plans with family but make an effort to have lunch with an old friend or set up a play date for your child. You can use the time to reconnect and plan future gatherings for the new year. 

6. Have a Movie Night 

Pick a fun movie the whole family will enjoy and make a night of it. Make some popcorn and other fun snacks. Get comfy in pajamas and with lots of blankets and maybe even a fort for the kids and then settle in and enjoy! Some classics include Happy Feet, Frozen and Ice Age!

7. Try Out a New Treat 

There are tons of recipes online that could be fun for the whole family to make! On momables.com she not only lists recipes, but ways kids can help in the kitchen, and it’s organized by age groups. Take a look to see if any catch your eye!

8. Get Set for the New Year

As 2023 approaches, take time to reflect on 2022 and think ahead. What goals do you want to meet? How do you plan to meet those goals? This would be a great time to buy a new calendar or planner to get organized for the new year. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about some fun ways to make the most of Winter Break! This is only the tip of the iceberg, so if you have other interesting activities to add, let us know in the comments! 

Wishing you well,