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National Photography Day is today!  First and foremost, HUGE shout out to those super talented individuals out there who can capture candid moments, creating incredible memories, and who make you smile #nopunintended. 

Photography has evolved over the years from the throw away cameras, to hand held cameras, to high tech dslr’s and beyond.  However, we are in an age where our phones provide amazing opportunities to make your pictures look professional.  The purpose of this post is not to compare cameras, but to provide some cool ideas for family friendly photo sessions from hot spots around our area.  So use what you prefer, make the shots creative, and remember there are no right or wrong answers with photography!

If you are reading this in real time, you know we are currently quarantined with our family.  I have added places that are “anti-social” for our #socialdistancing movement.  Try out some of these spots, improvise as needed, and have fun!

Barn Setting: Riverbend Environmental Center is set in a picturesque setting and has many different landscapes.  They run after school programs through the district I teach at and the photos are always amazing.  You can get a day pass to check out the nature, and in the meantime, grab some awesome family photos.

Farm Setting: Maple Acres Farm in Plymouth Meeting is one of my favorite places.  From Saturdays in the fall, to summer evenings, this place appeals to all seasons.  Whether you are pumpkin picking, taking a hayride, or picking fresh produce, this spot is one of the best!

School Location: Colleges and Universities make for incredible pictures.  Do you have a family favorite local college?  Try there in the green area or in front of a building that is special to you.  To make this even more fun, get some of the gear from the book store (shop local) and pretend you’re making an ad for the program.

Train Station: I’ve seen train station photo shoots done in recent days and they are SO cool.  The signage makes for a cool back drop.  Everyone has a train station that says there town on it, so dress to impress (or not) and make some memories.

The Home: Home can feel “not special” for photos, but I feel the complete opposite.  Home is where you are most comfortable.  Whether it be around the kitchen table talking, in the backyard grilling, or simply relaxing in the family room, candid(ish) pictures always turns out great here, when the lighting is right.

The Town : This is my favorite!  Your downtown area or favorite town is perfect and free!  Stroll down the main street, head to the center of town, snap some selfies outside of your local grocery store or hardware store, have the store owners hop in the picture, and take some candid’s of the scenes.  This is my absolute favorite!

Which one do you want to try?  Can’t decide?  Make it a scavenger hunt and try to nail them all in the weekend. Make a photo book out of your adventure and remember this time when family and moments mattered the most.



Have a great spot you take family photos?  We’d love to hear from you!