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One of our favorite months of the year is officially here. November! November is that special month in between the holiday craziness where everything is exciting yet calm. The weather is perfect, football is in full swing, and we are preparing for Thanksgiving. One thing we always remember is how important it is to be kind. Over the years, we have come up with some awesome ideas about random acts of kindness. We even created a board that your kids can follow along throughout the month.

A quote that rings true to us is, “be nice to everyone you meet, they may be fighting a battle you know nothing about.” Life is too short to be anything but kind and respectful. A little gesture can go a very long way in changing someone’s day.

Here are some ideas on how you can keep the holiday spirit alive and ways your kids can learn from a young age the truly magical months ahead!


1. Use the above board as a guide to help this activity. You can use this one or create one similar with your child.

2. Print out a board and go over all of the ideas on the board

3. Brainstorm ways each one of them can be accomplished

a. Aim for 1 a day. I have noticed that if you are trying to do too many in one day, it becomes un authentic

4. Create a special time of day that works for your child to discuss and share how it went. By holding your child accountable at a specific time and setting up routines, it will help tremendously with the consistently and then in turn, become natural.

5. Check it off! Encourage your child to check it off and date when the activity has been completed!

Goodluck! Hope this goes well and we are SO excited to hear about it!

Have a favorite Random Acts of Kindness tradition? We’d love to hear about it!