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Sledding, snow ball fights, and building a snow man.  These are all the buzz words when you hear about a snow day.  And they are, CLASSICS.  But, after the THIRD snow storm of the season, Teacher Time To Go, wanted to share with you some new ideas and twists on your snow day favorites.

  1. Snow painting – Fill up squirt bottles with water and two or three drops of liquid gel food coloring (the concentrated dye makes for extra-vibrant colors), then shake them up. Adjust the nozzle flow to spray narrower for lines or wider for a mist. Your kids can paint freestyle, create hopscotch boards, decorate their snow fort, or color snowballs for an epic battle.

Materials needed: food coloring and a spray bottle. 

  1. Ice Bowling – turn your driveway into a bowling lane! Any type of water bottles, soda cans, or 2 liters (filled or frozen) will do.  As a bonus, the kids will be learning math as they keep score all day!  Hint: they can assign different values to the pins depending on the bottles used : )

Materials needed: 10 bottles and some sort of ball. 


  1. Tick Tack SNOW – Grab a friend and play this classic game. Use whatever you can find, sticks and pinecones as game pieces.

Materials needed: anything you can find!

  1. Make a SNOW Volcano! There’s nothing better than fun filled science experiments in the snow. Found this great step by step tutorial to make this epic Instagram worthy activity super simple:  https://www.growingajeweledrose.com/2013/12/how-to-make-snow-volcano.html

Materials needed: baking soda, food coloring, vinegar, and food coloring..

  1. Play snow soccer! There’s nothing more fun than kicking snow (well especially when you’re a little kid). Get cones or something bright that will help create the goals. And let the kids run around and get some energy out!

Materials needed: a soccer ball and objects for goals.


And when it gets too cold to be outside, here are few great indoor snow day activities:

1. Snow art!  Grab a baking sheet, load up the snow, lay down some newspaper and let the kids go crazy on the baking pan.  Any food coloring or dye (non-toxic) will do.  And bonus, if it’s safe to eat, the kids can “eat” their snow masterpiece after completion!

Materials needed: cookie, sheet, snow, food coloring, and paint brush (or hands)!

2. Coffee filter snowflakes.  Any white doily / coffee filter will work!  Have the kids cut out shapes #symmetry, fold the shapes however creative way works, and use a marker to decorate.  When you open, it will be MAGICAL!  If you’re feeling fancy, challenge the kids to make patterns out of them and then they can string them through the house and make a beautiful winter garland to hang above the fireplace (for the night!).

Materials needed: coffee filters, markers, scissors, and some sort of string (or dental floss)

Enjoy and please share your favorites!!!  We’d love to hear about your snow day!