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Spring is here! -Well not officially, but we are close enough!  Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  The weather begins to get warmer, the days get longer, and there are more opportunities for outside activities and adventures.  As a teacher, spring also means happier, more energetic students, weekend sports, and travel plans.  I am going to share a few of my favorite spring family fun activities that you can do to make this spring the best yet!

  1. Plant flowers – this can be a family fun activity.  But the most important thing is to make a list before you head to your local home and garden store.  It is SO overwhelming without a game plan.  Think about your space, sketch it out, get the kids involved in a color scheme, and go to the store focused.  Personally, I am a huge proponent of small businesses and local farms so I do a majority of my gardening shopping at Maple Acres Farm or the Gladwyne Hardware/Flower Shop.
  2. Go to a Phillies game – We are pretty close to opening day.  Spring training is officially underway and we are gearing up for what is expected to be an exciting season.  There are so many great games to attend and it’s a perfect excuse to dress in your most comfortable Phillies gear, have a hotdog (or 2), and get out your Instagram filters ready for some Sunday funday family funday!
  3. Play a game of neighborhood kickball – Might sound old school, but some of my most fun memories were with my neighbors growing up.  There are so many local parks around.  Text your friends and friends of friends, neighbors, family, etc and head to the park.  Materials needed are a cooler for snacks and drinks, a kickball, and maybe some a color scheme for outfits.  Low prep, no cost, and all the fun!
  4. Have a picnic – this goes along with the old school memories I have created growing up, but there is nothing better than stopping at Trader Joes and stocking up on your favorites.  I LOVE Fairmount Park and the scenic area along Kelly drive and boat house row.  It is perfect for an afternoon of people watching and relaxation.
  5. Stroll around the city!  There are so many new restaurants, museums, and events popping up around Philly.  Take the train (23 minutes from Gladwyne) and explore all the city has to offer.  Here is my favorite website with all of the fun events and happenings in Philly: www.uwishunu.com    Enjoy : )


Have a fun filled family spring activity you enjoy?  We’d love to hear from you!