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It is a new season, and the perfect time to get started writing poetry about the beautiful weather, the longer days, and the flowers! 

However, it can be hard coming up with ideas and motivation to start writing!

Because of this, we have put together some ideas and prompts to get your brain turning and blossoming! 

  1. Write about the beginning of spring, and how it feels to watch the snow melt away and turn into a green wonderland!
  2. Rainbow Poem: Write a stanza about each color of the rainbow and what part of spring it reminds you of!
  3. Acrostic Poem: Pick a word reminding you of spring (ex: flowers) and make each line start with a letter of that word to spell it out!
  4. Gardening Poem: write about what fruits and vegetables you would like to have in a garden and why!
  5. Write about how it would feel to frolic in the rain on a warm spring afternoon. Write about the rain on your face, or how it feels to twirl in the water!
  6. Scents of Spring: Write about how spring smells. You could talk about freshly cut grass, new roses, lavender fields. The possibilities are endless!
  7. Write stanzas about the differing seasons. One about Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter!
  8. Tree Life: Write a poem about how the trees change from winter with no leaves, into spring with flowers, to fall with colorful leaves falling off.
  9. Write about what a sunny spring day sounds like. You could talk about the chirping birds, or even the sounds of the rustling trees from a beautiful breeze!
  10. Write in the perspective of an animal coming out of hibernation seeing the spring colors for the first time. How do they feel about the flowers and weather?
  11. Write about spring and its association with growth. You can talk about ways you have grown, or ways you wish to. 
  12. Write about your favorite flower and what makes it so special! Do you love the color, the petal shape, the scent?

No one can deny the beauty of Spring, and all it creates each year! We hope some of these prompts have helped you find something exciting to write about, and hope you have a fun time starting a new process! When you’re done, please share your prose in the comment section for us all to enjoy.

Hope this brightens your day!


Intern at TT2G