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The days of summer are getting shorter and school will be starting in just a few weeks. We want to help your mornings go smoothly so your kids (and you) can be smiling on the way out the door!  

Having a routine in place will help everyone’s day to start off peacefully by helping to reduce anxiety, and regulate emotions. And you’ll have a great chance of arriving on time! Following a schedule allows everyone to take ownership in the process and gives them a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Get Your Crew On Board

Be proactive and make a plan now. It will simplify your busy mornings when everyone is trying to get out the door early. However, don’t come up with a master plan on your own. Schedule a family brainstorm session so everyone is on board. What does a perfect morning look like to them? Create a list of everything to do to get ready and out the door. This allows everyone to have a voice and take ownership in the plan. Prioritize the completed list then create a schedule. Doing things in order each day will ensure nothing is forgotten. Print or write out the list and display it in a place where everyone can access it. Or, create specific lists for each room or individual. Younger kids can add stickers to each task as they complete it. Teens may prefer an app or electronic reminders.

Watch the Clock

Taking care of tasks and prep work beforehand can really go a long way. Review your list and decide what can be completed the night before. Delegate tasks to spread out the workload. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Morning Hygiene

  • Put out towels and washcloths, or store them in a handy basket on the vanity.
  • Decide on a hairstyle, jewelry, etc., 
  • Assemble outfits and shoes. Hanging closet organizers are great for storing outfits for the week. You can even add undergarments and socks in each bin so the outfit is complete! 

Fuel Up

  • Plan the breakfast menu. Gather all ingredients into one place. Slice up fruit, put the cereal on the table, and the bagels by the toaster.
  • Set the table.
  • Prep lunches. Get all lunch boxes containers ready and stack them by the fridge. Keep all the sandwich ingredients and condiments in the same place in the fridge. Clear refrigerator storage bins are great for keeping items organized!  
  • Fill up the water bottles.

Pack that Backpack

  • Clean out the backpack the night before and add in any items needed for school the next day.
  • Pack up sports gear, permission slips, and any cash your student may need.
  • While you are at it, clean out and prep your bags as well. Put your keys, glasses and phone in an easy to grab spot so you aren’t running around looking for them in the morning.

Check the Weather

  • Grab appropriate coats, rain gear, or sunscreen if the forecast dictates. 

Days End

The routine can keep going when everyone gets home too! After school have the kids empty their backpack, water bottle, and lunchbox, and put away all shoes and coats. Decide on an evening schedule so the kids know what their expectations are for completing homework, chores, helping with dinner, prepping for tomorrow, and having down time.

Go with the flow

As the school year gets into a rhythm, be flexible. Adjust the schedule as needed so it works for you. Most of these tasks are appropriate for kids to complete so be sure to delegate as much as possible. Assign specific tasks on a weekly or monthly basis and rotate them so everyone can pitch in. 

Use your schedule as a tool to bring your family success. The goal is to create a happier and more relaxed home atmosphere! 

Let us know what helps your mornings go smoothly in the comments below!

Keep going, keep growing!