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August?!?! How did this happen?  It feels like literally yesterday that MDW was approaching and we were planning for a “back to normal” (ish) summer.   I am fortunate for some normalcy this year!  Kids are living their best life; camps, swim team meets, sleepovers, etc, the memories they are making are forever. 

With our phones being the top of the line cameras, and social media on the forefront, there are SO many ways to capture incredible moments.  Growing up, I always despised when my mom would say, “ok, everyone get together and smile!”  But you know what, those were always how I remembered special events and looking back, it was the best thing I could have been annoyed with.

Today I am going to focus on capturing moments, printing pictures, and inspiring the inner creativity in you.  We are talking about SCRAPBOOKING!  Now I know the title is “Summer Scrapbooking” but you can literally use these ideas for any holiday, event, occasion, season, and the list goes on. 

Here are some of the easy steps to make this a fun, organized activity for you and your entire family to enjoy together!

Organize the pictures

If you’re anything like me, you have thousands of pictures in your phone on your camera roll that you just don’t want to delete.  Trust me, I get it!  You never know when you’re going to need that recipe you took a screen shot of, or your college friends bachelorette party from 8 years ago.  But, if you can, clean up your photos to help organize your mind before doing this.

First start with creating folders.  There are so many ways to organize your pictures. For example, I have folder for my brothers wedding, business stuff, family vacations, and seasons.  Once you categorize your pictures, it will be easier to cipher through them and get some inspiration on the focus of your scrapbook. 

Every year, I do a year in review scrapbook.  It’s 12 pages and it’s random pictures from each month.  I LOVE doing this because even though the pictures are nothing special, when tied together, it creates a whole year snapshot.

Print the pictures

Ok, if you don’t have it already, download the CVS or Walgreens App ASAP.  From here, you just drag and drop your folder (from your camera roll) and you can choose to pick up same day or get it shipped to you.  Also, if you google, “CVS promo code” you will get 40% + off.  The deals are always incredible.  If you’re into Amazon, they have a great photo department too.  Printing in 4×6 is always the safest bet, and you can scale them down when you start crafting.

Visit a craft store

Michaels or Joann Fabric are my top pics.  The selection is incredible and there are always deals and steals with online coupons. 

  1. I always start with finding the scrapbook that fits with my theme, or you can stock up on neutrals so you always have some handy.  The scrapbooks are in 12×12 sizing and the assorted paper selection comes in that size as well.
  2. Assorted paper comes in TONS of varieties of packs.  From holiday and color themes, to neutrals and textured patterns, the options are endless. 
  3. Cutting the pictures is half the battle.  I have a pack of 12 scissors that cut in different patterns.  It ads some pizzazz to the cutting process.
  4. Stickers – I could probably go for hours talking about stickers.  But knock yourself out.  They typically have about 2 isles solely dedicated to these!
  5. Adhesive!  I cannot stress enough that the importance of the roll on adhesive tape.  It comes out clear and easy (think the tape white outs).  I like the scotch brand.  Makes all the difference!

Set up your space

Find a special crafting corner in your house.  When you have tons of supplies/materials, schlepping them to different locations is a pain.  If you can keep everything somewhere special, it will serve as your cozy corner.  Also, find a place you can spread out your things so you can see your wide variety!

Plan a night

I know days and nights are busy, but if you simply add this to your calendar, it will work into your schedule nicely.  It’s a hassle free night of no running around, self care, and family fun.  Get the whole family involved in the picture selection process, and expressing their creativity in different ways!

Enjoy reminiscing on the moments and making memories together with this fun filled new hobby!  Have fun : )

Are you a scrapbook pro?  We’d LOVE to hear from you!  Share your scrapbooking strategies or favorite materials!