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Hi, I’m Rachel, the Director of Recruitment for TT2G, and I am writing this blog post for myself! A little about my background if you are new to our blog, I am a work-from-home mom of 3 littles under the age of 4. So time management is ALWAYS something I am working on. 

When I was a full-time teacher, time management was something I never struggled with. I could create a schedule and stick to it with no problem. We had specific times throughout the day when students needed to be in different places, and there was no wiggle room. Dare, I say not much has changed since staying home to raise my babies? There are still errands to be run, appointments to be met, and throw in working from home part-time, WHEW. It can be overwhelming.

Here are 3 of my biggest go-to’s when it comes to managing my time. They aren’t foolproof, and they may have a learning curve, but they do help even when used loosely. 

  1. Time Blocking – I have seen this strategy used in multiple ways. One way is setting up a Google calendar and blocking out every awake hour in your day with what you’ll be doing. Include everything such as resting, lunch, clean the bathroom, etc. The way I use time blocking is more of a laid-back approach. I use nap time, typically 2 pm–4 pm (on a good day) as a time block to get as much work done as possible. Within this 2-hour block, I create mini blocks for interviews, emptying the dishwasher, answering/replying to emails, and sometimes even watching an episode on Netflix. To me, this type of time blocking is much more efficient because it’s only part of my day.

  1. Priority Lists – The amount of lists I have around my home is almost comical. With 3 littles, if I don’t write it down or add it to my schedule within 3 minutes of hearing it, it’s forgotten. The way I successfully manage my plethora of lists is to scan each one every morning, and pick out my top 5 priorities for the day. These are tasks that MUST get done that day. Next I’ll choose 3 bonus things that I would LIKE to get done. On a good day, I can knock out all of my “must-do’s” and “like-to do’s” with no problem! On busier days, when things don’t go as planned, I’m still able to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day because I’ve completed all my “must-do” tasks! 

  1. Grace / Time Buffers – This may sound silly. But sometimes the biggest time management tip as a parent I can both preach to you and apply myself is Grace. It is helpful to build time buffers into your schedule. Some days things will simply not go as planned and tasks will not be completed. No matter the length of the to-do list, no matter how late you are running. Your children need you in that moment. Having extra time will allow you to pause and give them your undivided attention. Then, invite them to help you complete your tasks, or show them that they can have your attention and you can complete what needs to be done. With my children being as young as they are, they are learning A LOT. By my actions, by my responses, by my body language. Building extra time into my schedule for leaving the house, making phone calls, etc. enables me to reduce my stress and respond in a positive manner when those moments arise that my children need me.

What is something you have found that helps you manage your time? I would love to learn and grow from your knowledge and experience, too! Share in the comments below. 

Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind. 💜