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National Girls and Women in Sports Day is an annual day of observance held during the first week of February to acknowledge the accomplishments of female athletes, recognize the influence of sports participation for women and girls, and honor the progress and continuing struggle for equality for women in sports.

Here at TT2G, we are a women owned, run, and operated company.  We celebrate women’s accomplishments, root for them when good things happen, and help build them up when they are down.  Today, we are recognizing a few (of the countless) girls and women who are breaking barriers and making history!

There is no one size fits all for being the best of the best.  From a variety of spots, to a mixture of ages, these fierce females exemplify motivation, determination and drive.  Learn about them below!

  1. Elena Della Donne is an American professional basketball player in the WNBA.  She has won the league MVP multiple years and has been on various all star teams!  She is originally from Delaware and an incredible example of overcoming obstacles.
  2. Katie O’Donnell is a Field Hockey superstar.  She lives and breathes FH and went to University of Maryland to lead the terps to multiple state championships.  She also was the youngest player to make the US Olympic Team!  She now is a head coach!  I had the pleasure of growing up with her and going to school with her, she is an amazing friend, person, and now mother!
  3. Ksenia Efremova – Russian prodigy and a 12 year old who is the future of women’s tennis.  This young girl is CRUSHING it.  She is humble, happy, bubbly, and will be the next real deal.  Check her out!
  4. Julie Krone – First female jockey to win a Triple Crown Race!  From the Preakness to the countless other events, horseback riding is a competitive sport that is SO much fun to watch.  Julie won more than 3500 races.  She is retired now.
  5. Layne Beachley – Layne Collette Beachley AO is a former professional surfer.  She won the World Championship seven times. Currently she is the chair of Surfing Australia.  When you think of summer fun, you can imagine surfers up early doing their thing, but to be the best of the best, it becomes your life.  Layne has it all!
  6. Zhang Yining – Zhang Yining is a Chinese table tennis player who retired in 2009. She is considered one of the greatest female players in the sport’s history. 

Every little girl needs a mentor and every woman needs an inspiration.  We hope that this helps highlight some of the awesome females out there!

To continue to learn more, here is an article with some incredible female athletes in sports history: https://www.stadiumtalk.com/s/top-50-female-athletes-sports-history-bf540b2f51ea465b

Have a girl boss that you think we should highlight?  We’d LOVE to hear from you!